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Source Water Protection-Band Aid

In a recent study, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that septic systems are the number one potential contaminant threat in the U.S. That threat increases significantly with the age of a community. The older a community is, the greater the chance of failing septic systems and potential for contamination leading to the spread of waterborne diseases, which can be more disadvantageous particularly to the elderly population, likely due to degenerative diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

As rural America is changing from agrarian to higher-population dense residential communities- septic systems and private wells in closer proximity increase the chances of a source water contamination-however, there are still several reasons to be encouraged.

Several communities, are working in an effort to protect and manage their own resources. This endeavor promises great financial benefits and community savings in the long run, as the cost of dealing with contaminated groundwater ranges from 30 to more than 200 times the cost of watershed management and proper wellhead protection.

You may think maintaining the critical, well needed infrastructure can be very expensive; but the cost of neglecting to maintain and protect them might be a lot more costly.

Other considerations related to the age of some communities, is the fact that setbacks, wells, and septic installation standards are a relatively recent development-it is not uncommon to find unsealed wells/wellheads less than 50 feet away from septic systems in many old, rural communities, especially where most of the younger people have moved away, and the older population who are less educated and set in their ways; feel the need to fend for themselves.

Education, awareness and a willingness to change are important components in the first vital steps toward ensuring the protection of source water; but getting the people educated enough to be willing to take actions and bring the situation under control while containing cost however, is much more easily said than done.

Lately every day we hear about Climate change.. who will take the initiative to protect and preserve our Water Sources. Water, like gold is precious…

Community Cooperation Through education, innovation, conservation!

Protecting America’s source water inevitably requires the combined efforts of community members, leaders, and technical assistance providers. such as – GRepa Health and Environmental Trainers to educate Water Masters, Water Operators, Managers, Board Members and Wastewater in operational safety, proper system maintenance, Water & Watewater Management

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By: Greg & Patresha Pearson RN CSUS-OWP Authorized Instructors Certified Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment Operators. We do Workshops for Water & Wastewater Operators, Stat


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